Finance Area

Advisory Services – Audit and Business Recovery Services – Integrated Services


Business advisory services relating to companies financial control and expenses

Set up and implementation of activity based costing, setting up key financial indicators and implementing balanced scorecards.

Business valuation and sales

Appraisal of a company’s value, applying the most suitable valuation method in accordance with the business’s particular features. In addition, for business acquisitions and sales purposes, Idea Asesores & Abogados offers to customers a wide business contacts network made throughout years of experience.

Family business consultancy

Family business can get answers to their inheritance problems in both their management and tax matters. A family protocol is drafted and implemented after assessing the different possible scenarios, according to the family characteristics, company size, ambitions of the family members in terms of career and financial expectations, etc.

We also study different scenarios for the organization of family property in order to optimize the tax burden at the time of succession.

Budget drafting and follow up

Idea Asesores & Abogados considers budget a basic tool for achieving business excellence. It is for this reason that after carrying out a business assessment (compilation and drafting of information) not only will we offer a correct budget drafting, but we will get involved in budget follow-up and deviation analysis should you wish it. It is also identified, along with the management of the Company, those ratios / more significant indicators for business development.

Bookkeeping, accounting, tax and legal consultancy

Companies have available a comprehensive advisory service, which covers all business needs in the areas of bookkeeping, accountancy, tax and law, normally by just paying a fixed monthly fee.

Total management of property developments

Developers without their own structure have the possibility, through Idea Asesores, covering technical needs (project development, building, licensing, etc.), tax, legal, administrative and commercial promotions, in collaboration with other professionals sector.


Audit of financial statements

As independent professionals and authorized, conducted reviews of the financial statements of the company, in order to issue an opinion on the reliability, reasonableness and adequacy of the information contained in them to reveal all relevant aspects of the economic and financial position of the company according to the criteria established by the applicable financial reporting framework.

The audit of financial statements, according to the law, must be made mandatory by the companies for two consecutive years meeting two of the following three requirements:

I. That the total of asset exceeds € 2,850,000.
II. The net amount of the turnover exceeds € 5,700,000.
III. The average number of employees during the year exceeds 50.

Limited audit

As auditors on limited review, to express a conclusion on whether, based on our work, it has come to our attention any matter that makes us conclude that the financial statements present, in all material respects, fairly in accordance with applicable accounting regulatory framework or have not been prepared in all material respects, in accordance with this accounting framework.

Agreed procedures

In these services, we apply similar procedures to audit, previously we agreed with the company nature and, where appropriate, with third parties in order to issue a report about detected facts, users report being which themselves must reach their own conclusions about the work done and the detected events.

Tasks assigned by legislative auditors

Idea Asesores provides related jobs, without consideration of audit, are attributed by legal auditors provisions services: determination of fair value of stocks and shares, reports for the increase or reduction of capital, account report supporting grants, etc.

Full advisory operations Due Diligence

This service provides the customer with an accurate and detailed picture of the situation of a particular company through a set of integrated actions in the financial sector. Due Diligence operations are essential in the event of purchase and / or sale of companies as a whole.

Judicial Administrators

The Judicial Administration is legally provided for in the event of seizures of companies and / or guarantee the embargo on certain goods and rights organization. By court order it constitutes Administration and appoints the person who holds the position of Manager. Recognition and prestige of Idea Asesores & Abogados in this area has led to his judicial appointment to be appointed as Receiver of the companies related to the so-called Ballena Blanca Case and Case Malaya.

Pre-Bankruptcy Counseling

Idea Asesores & Abogados helps the company with the possibility of filing a bankruptcy, evaluating different alternatives, studies and analysis of the viability plan.

Bankruptcy Administrators

Idea Asesores & Abogados is empowered to act as trustee in any contest to be inscribed in the Official Register of Auditors and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. This is a regulated by Law 22/2003 of July 9, Insolvency Service.


Bookkeeping and accounting, tax and legal services for holding companies

Holding companies with just a few accounting movements are offered an integral service, wich cater for all their needs in the bookkeeping, tax and legal fields.