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Special transactions advisory services

Tax planning of the operations in the company, by volume, require a more detailed study for the lowest possible taxation, within the possible legal channels.

Planning and / or execution of corporate restructuring transactions

Restructuring operations of corporations that optimize government spending, get the aims raised by the customer such as the separation of partners, the division of activities, the contribution of business operations and / or property or the merger / spin-off of companies, including otras. The service includes performances of a commercial nature, necessary for the proper execution of corporate restructuring transactions.

Tax planning of intra-group transactions

Global analysis of taxation of all transactions carried out by companies belonging to the same group. Among other things, it includes the study of possible advantages of implementing the system of fiscal consolidation and, where appropriate, its implementation, and analysis to optimize possible tax losses generated within the group.

Corporate Income Tax

The service includes three time phases. First, closure planning, before the end of the tax period, looking for the lowest possible taxation within the existing legal channels. Second, review of previous planning and calculation of the tax assessment, prior to the presentation of the accounts in the Companies Register. Finally, completion and submission of tax with final data on the annual accounts approved.

It also includes planning payments of income tax two months after the end of the tax period in accordance with the option of calculating installments most benefits society.

Related-party transactions

Identification, review and assessment to actual market price of transactions, according to the natural or legal persons involved, are classified as bound by the regulations. This service includes the preparation of the documentation required by the tax legislation at both the taxpayer (country file) and at group level (master file).


Tax planning for inheritance and succession in the family business

Analysis of alternatives to optimize the tax cost of restructuring operations in equity and / or the family business, to cases of succession phenomenon, whether inter vivos or mortis-cause.

Tax planning for family members and remuneration

Search and analysis of compensation formulas both members of the family business and their families, so that the tax and social security cost is minimized within the existing legal channels.

Location of family assets

Analysis of optimum allocation of family assets from the fiscal point of view and, if required, carrying out the necessary operations (purchases, transfers, etc.) to place heritage properties at that location.


Review and / or completion of tax obligations

Review and integrated management of all tax returns required to file there.

Tax advices

Study and analysis of fiscal and tax consultations nature until its final determination, with the release if so required, of a tax report. Introducing binding nature inquiries to the Directorate General of Taxes.

Requirements and shortened checks

Answering written all notified by the Tax Agency and defending the rights of the client and submission of claims in the verification procedures as appropriate organ Tax Management requirements.

Payment Arrangements Revenue
Finding, obtaining and implementing causes, permitted by the Tax Administration, granting customers a fractionation and / or deferral of payment of tax debts that could not be satisfied within the time originally granted by the state, regional tax authorities and / or Local Public Finance.
Presentation Resources

Study, preparation and filing of appeals against actions from the State Tax Administration, regional and / or local level involving a direct or indirect injury to the interests of the client. Professional service includes, in full, the actions that proceed in administrative and even economic-administrative appeal.

Tax Inspections

Representing and advising companies in the verification procedures carried out in the Tax Inspection Office.